Polygon Studios Secures Top Web2 Talent from EA, YouTube & Amazon
By IftikharPost – March 16, 2022 at 11:00 AEST.
  • The new hires join Polygon Studio’s recently appointed CEO, Ryan Wyatt.
  • Polygon Studios continues to onboard top Web2 Gaming industry talent.

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Ryan Wyatt reveals new hires at Polygon Studios - Source @Fwiz
Ryan Wyatt reveals new hires at Polygon Studios – Source @Fwiz

Since its launch in July 2021, Polygon Studios continues to secure top Web2 talent to strengthen it position as Top Blockchain Gaming & NFT Ecosystem.

As per press release, Polygon Studios have following 5 new recruitments i.e.

Michael Blank – will join as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Michael has served Electronic Arts (EA) for nearly 2 decades as a leading game developer, publisher and as well was Senior VP of Player Network.

Young Ko – will work as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Young worked as VP of Finance at Penske Media, which included serving brands like Rolling Stone, Variety, SXSW and more.

Urvit Goel – appointed as VP of Gaming Business Development. Urvit is former Amazon executive & launched amazon’s clound gaming business.

Ben Watley – will work as a Senior Director of Strategy for the developer’s arm. Ben is ex-NASA software engineer and Riot Games veteran and also EA alumni.

Charnjit Bansi – hired as new VP of Game Design. Charnjit have over 20 years knowledge of AAA Web2 game leadership and development, all from world-class game developers including Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios, who is also web2 veteran as formerly Head of the YouTube Gaming division said:

“We’re thrilled to be attracting such high-calibre talent as we build out the dream team of Web3. The combined expertise and perspectives from both the traditional and blockchain industries will be invaluable in growing the developer ecosystem and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.”

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios.

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