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  • Timeswap is the first fully permissionless, oracle-less, non-liquidatable, fixed maturity lending & borrowing protocol.
  • It is brutally minimalistic, gas-efficient, and permission-less allowing anybody to create a money market for any ERC-20 tokens.

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TimeSwap - First fully decentralized AMM based money market protocol
TimeSwap – First fully decentralized AMM based money market protocol


At the time of writing this post, DeFi Protocals has accumulated over $80B in Capital which is phenomenal growth considering 2 years ago it was just $1Billion locked in DeFi Protocals.

But Today will be the new beginning of DeFi 2.0 as TimeSwap is launching its mainnet on Polygon. Timeswap are excited to be building solutions that specifically address issues related to Scalability, Arbitrary collaterialization ratios which led to Capital Inefficiency & Oracle attacks.

Introducing 3 variable AMM

Timeswap introduces the unique 3 variable AMM that powers our liquidity pools for lending and borrowing transactions:

XYZ (1)

X = Principal Pool

YY = Interest Rate Pool

ZZ = Collateral Factor Pool

KK = Invariance Constant Product

As lenders and borrowers engage in transactions with the pool, the interest rates and minimum requirements dynamically change according to the constant product formula. So when the protocol interest rate or collateral factor is not equal to market rates, come in and normalize the rates.

Services Offering

TimeSwap is offering following services:

Permissionless fixed maturity lending & borrowing
Timeswap allows anyone to do fixed maturity lending & borrowing of any ERC20 token with any other ERC20 token as collateral

Non-Liquidatable Loans
Timeswap takes away complexity for borrowers to constantly manage their health factors. No more liquidation penalty & dependency on liquidators

Flexible Risk Profiles
Timeswap offers flexibility for lenders and borrowers to decide their risk profile through flexible interest rates & collateral factors.

Permissionless Debt Financing
Timeswap enables projects to borrow debt with their native tokens as collateral. Ideal for funding fair launches & leveraged loans compared to equity financing

Key Features

Flexible interest rate & collateral factors
Users have the flexibility to decide their risk-return profile by selecting custom interest rates and collateral factors based on prevailing market conditions for greater capital efficiency

Oracle-less & Gas Efficient
Timeswap is brutally gas efficient and does not require oracles or liquidators

ERC20 agnostic
Anyone can create any ERC20 pool by providing necessary liquidity.

TimeSwap Team:

Ricsson Ngo – Founder
Previously founder @Einstar. Master in Financial Mathematics from Ateneo de Manila University.

Harshita Singh – Co-Founder
Previously Head of Supply Budgeting and Planning Private Labels @Walmart-India

Ameeth Devadas – Co-Founder
Previously Head of Product & Technology @Aurigin


Sandeep Nailwal – Founding Advisor Co-founder, Polygon
Jaynti Kanani – Co-founder, Polygon

Keep Tuned for more update soon.


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