By IftikharPost – March 15, 2022 at 16:30 AEST.
  • Polygon enter in Top 3 most used Blockchain as per Active Addresses in last 7 Days.
  • BSC with 3.44M Top the list & Ethererum is Second most used with 2.29M Active Addresses

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Polygon in Top 3 Active Addresses by Chain – Source @Nansen_ai

Active addresses is a popular measure to proxy the number of users on a blockchain, which is the number of active participants in the transfer of a cryptocurrency token. This includes both the sender and the receiver.

As per @Nansen_ai, In last 7 days Active Addresses by Chain, BSC with 3.44M Top the list & Ethererum is second most used with 2.29M Active Addresses.

But Noticibly, Polygon (MATIC) displaces Ronin from 3rd Spot and continue to prove that it is one the leading L2 when it comes to adoption in Web 3.

7-Day Active Addresses by Chain:

  • BSC 3.44M
  • Ethereum 2.29M
  • Polygon 977K
  • Ronin 784K
  • Avalanche 254K
  • Fantom 184K
  • Arbitrum 46.4K
  • Celo 32.5K
  • Optimism 12.4K

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