By IftikharPost – March 09, 2022 at 11:00 AEST
  • DraftKings Partnering with Zero Hash to Earn Staking Rewards on Polygon.
  • Staking is the process of a company transferring its tokens to a validator for a specific time in order to receive awards as other transactions are verified.

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DraftKings & Polygon Strategic Formation - Source
DraftKings & Polygon Strategic Formation – Source

Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has expressed his excitement in the partnership and the future role that DraftKings will play in the blockchain’s ecosystem.

“As a validator, DraftKings will become an even more active participant in the Polygon ecosystem, playing a critical role in guaranteeing the integrity of the blockchain and securing the network. We are thrilled to have DraftKings as a validator on Polygon,”

Sandeep Nailwal

This will allow DraftKings to become one of the blockchain’s first corporate validators, adding to Polygon’s security and governance.

Since its debut, DraftKings’ marketplace has released 116 NFT collections grossing $44 million in sales revenue, according to a representative. The platform’s top sale was a rare Tiger Woods collectible, bought for $70,000 in October.

“Participating in validation supports DraftKings’ broader strategy of building out a robust, sustainable, trustworthy and decentralized infrastructure to help futureproof aspects of our business in the Web3 era,” 

DraftKings Co-founder Paul Liberman

DraftKings, valued at nearly $20 billion on the public market & Zero Hash, the business-to-business service tapped by DraftKings, helps integrate crypto and non-fungible tokens into its clients’ platforms.

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